Barburys Twisted Safety Razor
Barburys Twisted Safety Razor
Barburys Twisted Safety Razor

Barburys Twisted Safety Razor

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From the moment it was invented in 1904 up until the early 1970s, the safety razor was the preferred shaving tool for men. And these days they’re more popular than ever. The Butterfly offers numerous benefits, being ultra sharp, with its weight providing a pleasant solid and sturdy feel when in use. Twisting the handle opens the butterfly mechanism, allowing you to easily replace the blades between two shaves.


How to shave with a safety razor

When starting out with a safety blade, focus on going slowly, because establishing a rhythm takes time, If you go too fast on the first attempt, you will likely end up by cutting yourself. 

  • Focus on maintaining a 30° or 45° angle between the blade and your skin. The rounded head and the tip of the blade should rest nicely against the skin at this angle.
  • Don’t hold the razor perpendicular to your skin and drag straight down you’ll shave more than just your whiskers in that case.
  • Shave each section of your face with the grain of your hair, not against it. (This is why guys with whorled facial hair shouldn’t use a safety razor it’s too hard to establish one set direction in which to shave.)
  • Lastly, and very importantly, don’t apply a lot of pressure. The blade is sharp, and holding it at this angle will allow it to do an effective job without any added force.

Recommended: After the shaving, apply to the face same post shave or aftershave lotiom and massage gently until completely absorbed. It helps to hydrate dry skin and keep your sensitive skin away from further irritation.