Barburys Badger Shaving Brush
Barburys Badger Shaving Brush

Barburys Badger Shaving Brush

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The Barburys Silver Gloss is a high quality shaving brush that's made from badger hair, designed to feels fantastic on the skin and create a rich and full foam texture.

It's handmade and is excellent at holding water with a handle designed to for all-day shaving comfort for the busy barber.

Bristle diameter: 22.5 mm

  1. The first thing to do, wet the face with hot water or towel, so in this way you will be opening up the skin and pores.
  2. Wet the brush. Start by running the brush under some warm water to saturate the bristles.
  3. Add shaving cream, soap or foam. Put a small amount of cream onto the middle of the bristles.
  4. Work the brush around your beard area. If you’re not getting the desired amount of lather, simply add a bit more water to the brush. 
  5. Start shave.
  6. Rinse the brush. After you’re done shaving, run your shaving brush under some cold water. Use your fingers to separate the bristles to get all of the soap out of the hair.
  7. Finish the shave by rinsing face with cold water and applying a soothing aftershave.