Angry Beard Brush
Angry Beard Brush

Angry Beard Brush

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The Angry Beard brush is a combination of natural wood, wild boar bristles. Angry Beard's wooden brush will quickly overcome the mess on your chin, eliminate chaos and even help spread nutritious oils with divine properties that enrich your beard with brilliance, vitality and healthy look. Brush size : 12cm x 6cmBristle length 1.5cm

Remember: Every pneumatic beard brush is equipped with a specially designed vent hole placed on a rubber cushion. This hole allows the air to be discharged, and thus, the cushion can properly bend while using the brush. During the first use of the brush, single hairs may fall out of the air cushion. This is normal for brushes made of natural bristles, which are not uniform in their thickness and length. During the use process, this phenomenon disappears.

1. Put on beard oil

Never brush a dry beard. Make sure you put on beard oil first. 

2. Brush up

Start at the bottom of your neck and brush up. Do this so your beard is standing straight out and it will probably look pretty silly. 

3. Brush down

Start at the top of your beard and brush down, laying down all the hair you just stood up. Do this method at least once to ensure the beard oil is spread evenly.

  • Effective beard care and stylization
  • Discipline the rude facial hair
  • Gentle facial skin massage and even support when spreading the oil to the chin

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